Friday, September 27, 2013

Fake PM's Murt?

Murt is still claiming the PM's were fake....

Well Murt, according to YOU those PM's are very real. Thanks to the person who sent me these......

Then a comment on this he said....

What was that you were saying Murt? You have proven yourself a pedophile over and over again. Shall we break out the audio file of you talking to a little boy in your rated R chat? Shall we post video of you having a minor girl in your rated R room on Paltalk sucking a candy cane seductively? Shall we break out the video of the same little girl singing and dancing for you as her grandmother left her alone with you and you put her on cam? Remember that Murt? Remember your entire room went nuts and people were telling you how wrong it was to have that child on a webcam in a rated R room? Remember all the members you lost because of it? We do and we have proof of all of it!

The Real Reason Murt Lost His House

Murt spends a lot of time blaming everyone else for the reason why he lost his house. Let's recap exactly why Murt lost his home. Here are the court documents showing that Murt was fined by Lake County because he refused to clean up the garbage in his yard.

Notice that  February 11 2009 is the initial date that the Code Enforcement Special Master went to Murt's property to inspect it. That was only 7 months from the time Caylee Anthony was first reported missing. Murt was given 45 days to clean up his dump or he would have to pay $100.00 per day till it was cleaned up.

A year later, February 10, 2010 the property was inspected again and they found that Murt was still in violation. He had not done anything to clean up his dump. On March 31 2010 Murt was fined $33,300.00 which was $100.00 per day since he was first inspected in February 2009. Murt continued to accrue a $100. a day fine till he had no choice but to sell his house in 2012 to pay off the hefty fine!

Here's an overview of Murt's dump...

Look at all the junk and garbage all over his property. Is it any wonder the neighbors complained? 

And here is a picture of his house that the Realtor had on their site when they were selling the place...

Oh and when he claims he owned a dealership and had a few locations, that of course was also a lie! His "dealership" location was his home address and it was listed as the only location. Also, he opened the so called business in 2010 which is interesting because prior to 2010 he was constantly telling people his dealership name was STI Auto Sales yet as you can see, it wasn't established till 2010!....

He most likely established it in 2010 for the sole purpose of trying to claim to the city and court, the junk in his yard was part of his business. That obviously didn't work well for him as they still imposed the lien.

As you can see, the truth is, no one is to blame for Murt losing his house but Murt himself! Instead of cleaning his dump, he spent days, weeks, months, years Tweeting, and Blogging about people he doesn't like. Murt plays the constant victim.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lots of hits on the blog lately.

Many people have been hitting the blog lately (over 75 hits in one day) so I did some looking around to see why. Looks like Murt is back to his old tricks again. I see he is once again calling someone he is mad at a pedo and threatening them and their family by posting a picture of the person's parents house online. Same M.O. as always.

It all got me thinking. Murt spends an awful lot of time calling others a pedophile and it made me wonder why.  So I looked through some of the screen captions I have of things Murt has said and done. A few things really stood out for me which is odd because I have read these things a few times and yet this time, it really hit me. Let me copy and paste them here and see what you all think. First will be Murt's Angry Giant story he wrote on his yahoo/geocities page (when they had geocities) Bolding was done by me. This is going to be a long read so sit back and really take it in.
by Murt 
"I fear all we have done is awaken an angry Giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." 
It is the future, days weeks, months, perhaps years have passed.. 
It is evening and the adult is getting ready to watch the spelling game when the little boy walks in, his sub-conscience sound asleep dreaming the mind pictures the little boy is sending him, the happy, carefree thoughts of a young child at play. 
The child liked the spelling game, it had a big wheel made funny noises. 
The tv had a picture of three people behind a podium that had big numbers on them. Each of the people would spin the big wheel and it would make the noise. There was another man who did a lot of talking and a pretty girl that would stand in front of boxes that would spell different words on them. The people behind the pidiums would spin the big wheel with numbers and some words he did not understand on it. 
The talking man said "The next catagory is a name." and the bright square boxes came onto the tv. 
The man said to a lady behind one of the podiums that she was first and the lady spun the big wheel. It made the wirry clicky noises as it went around and around going slower and slower untill it stopped on a number 3 with three zeros after it. "Give me a T" the lady said. 
The pretty lady waved her hands at the spelling boxes as three boxes lit up "you have 3 t's" the talking man said as the t's appeared in the three lighted boxes. The boy giggled. He liked the noises the boxes made when each letter appeared. 
In the recess of his mind, the giant stirred, something was disturbing his sleep. The giant would stirr when something bothered it. There was the time the adult was looking at a sign on the wall of the big store they went to to get food and things. The adult had a scared look and the child looked at the sign to see why the adult was scared. He saw himself in a picture on the sign. "Me" he said aloud, and the giant had stirred. 
"No, the adult said, not you. " and led the boy away. After a long long time, the giant went asleep and forgot about the sign. 
The boy never went to the big store with the adult again. The adult would put him in the big room with no windows and a lot of toys and go to the store. In fact, the boy would never go anyplace with the adult and the boy had no friends to play with. 
He remembered once that he used to go with a lady with a painted arm to a place with a lot of children. The lady called him a name. It is a name the adult did not call him. He had a different name. He tried to think of the name the lady called him. It started with a t. He could not remember, it was a long time ago. 
He looked at the tv again. The adult was in another room doing something. The adult always made something to eat while watching the spelling show or would go over to a nearby desk that had another tv on it. 
This tv had this thing in front of it that the adult would play with, pushing all the buttons on the thing. The adult would also move a little thing with a wire coming out of it. The adult called it a "mouse" but this mouse had no feet or whiskers. 
The adult told the boy to stay away with the tv with the mouse. It was an adult toy. 
The lady behind the podium said " I would like to spin please" and the pretty lady made the big noisey wheel go around again, making the clikey clickey sounds. The big wheel stopped and the lady said "Is there an n?" 
One of the boxes lit up and an n appeared as the talking man said "you have two n's." He then said "Would you like to solve the puzzle or spin again." 
The giant stirred again, something was bothering him. The boy was sending him words and pictures of another memory. It was the boy looking at the adult watching tv. There was a blond lady talking. She was asking someone a question. A voice would answer but there was nobody there. The blonde lady sounded mad. She kept asking questions. The voice would answer and the blond lady kept looking mad and moving her hands. 
The boy noticed the look on the adult's face. The adult looked scared. 
The adult turned and saw the boy looking at the tv. The adult changed the channel. It was a cartoon. The boy liked cartoons. This had caused the giant to stirr again, longer this time. It would be a long time before the giant went to sleep again. 
" I would like to spin please." The wheel spun again and landed on another big number with 3 zeros. The lady thought for a moment, a little smile came over her face. She said" is there a d please. 
One of the word squares lit up and a d appeared. There was a loud noise in the other room, the adult had dropped something. The giant started to come awake, the giant was groggy. 
The boy was remembering a time when the adult was doing something on the other tv. 
The adult was pushing all of the buttons real fast and moving the mouse around on the round pad it sat on. 
A picture of a little boy came on the tv with a lot of words on it and a name. The boy frowned as he did when he was trying to solve a puzzle. He tried to solve the spelling game puzzle but they always used big words. 
The letters on the big tv started to float around in his mind. In his mind the letters that were on the spelling game would light up on the other tv. There were other letters that did not light up but were there. 
The boy was confused. It was a name, a familar name. He had heard the name but could not remember where. 
The adult had not seen the boy watching the adult tv. Soon, the adult did something with the mouse and the picture changed. The giant contined to awaken. Somewhere deep an ember came to life. Something started to bother the giant. 
The noise of the wheel caught the boy's attention again. While the boy was thinking, the lady asked to spin the big wheel again. He watched as the wheel got slower and slower. It started to get real slow near a part of the wheel that had the word bankrupt on it. He knew that word because the wheel would stop there a lot. If the person spinning the wheel had a number on the podium when the wheel stopped on that word, all of the numbers would go away. 
Someone else would then get to spin the wheel. 
The wheel got real slow, it was going to stop on "bankrupt" but no, it clicked one more time stopping on a small number with two zeros after the number. The lady looked real happy. She paused, then said "Is there a K please
The talking man said "yes there is a k and one of the spelling boxes lit up and the k appeared. 
The giant suddenly woke up as the boys mind lit up the letters in his mind. The boy began to get scared. The letters were spelling words he had heard some place. The lady who took him to play with the children while she went someplace used a name that started with a t. 
Time began to slow as the boy started to remember things. He remembered a silver car with a big door on the back. He used to sit in the car with the big door and look at the lady with the drawings on her arm as she pointed a long stick, a rifle, the adult called it once. A name started to come into his mind. A name he used to call the lady...Mommy. 
The lady on the tv said. "I would like to spin again" and the invisible people who used to make loud noises got real excited. The lady spun the wheel, the wheel made the clickey noises. The wheel began to spin. 
More memorys began to come alive in the boys' mind. There was a big park with a lot of water. There were a lot of adults around. They were saying something to the boy. Happy Birthday....and used a name. It was a name the boy had heard before.
The wheel started to spin slower. 
Another memory, the boy and the woman with the painted arm were riding in the silver car. They were at a little restaurant on a hill. There was this nice lady looking him. She reminded him of....of....Daddy's mom. 
The ember in the giant grew larger and hotter, the giant was now wide awake and getting upset. 
The big wheel was spinning slower. 
Another memory. It was a room full of toys. An adult man and woman were smiling at him. The man was putting a toy train together. 
The wheel was spinning slower now. 
Another memory.
The adult was wathcing the tv were other adults were talking. There were a lot of pictures on the tv. People with dogs were walking in a field.
There were a lot of police cars. There was a man in front of a house. He frowned again, he remembered, my house, that is my bedroom window. I used to see my window when......Mommy parked her car. Mommy?
A picture of the lady came on the tv, she was wearing a dress, looking at the ground...Mommy? 
The big wheel was almost stopped, it was near the word "Bankrupt." Would it stop on bankrupt again?
Another memory.
A lady with black hair was talking to a man in a box next to her. He said a word "suicide." The boy had asked the adult "what does suicide mean?" The adult looked at him. The adult was scared, real scared. He remembered the scared look when the adult was driving and passed a big red sign with white letters. There was a noise and both the boy and the adult turned their head to see where the noise was coming from. 
It was a really big truck and it was moving real fast. The adult looked real scared and made the car move real fast. 
The big wheel had stopped, The boy looked at the tv. It was on a big number again. Three zeros. The invisible people were making a lot of happy noises The lady was happy, the talking man was smiling. The pretty lady next to the spelling boxes was clapping her hands and smiling. The spelling boxes, there was something about the spelling boxes. 
Other memorys entered the boys mind. The flame grew hotter. The innocent smile on the boy's face began to turn into a frown. The giant was getting angry, The fire was getting real hot. The boy was getting real warm. 
The adult was just entering the room. Time was still going slow. 
The lady said "I would like to solve the puzzle" 
Suddenly the boy turned to look at the adult. The adult froze. Before the adult stood not a little boy, who had been a happy boy without a care, just being a boy, but a giant, an angry giant. 
The eyes of the giant were blazing red. The face of the giant was crimson. The nostrils of the giant were flaring. The heat of rage coming in waves to strike the adult. The giant's mouth was turned downward in an angry frown. His arms at his side tense. His hands were in a fist, tightly clenched. 
That look of anger then hatred on grew on the giant's face. Behind the giant the pretty lady was putting up the letters the lady had not guessed. The talking man said the name...the name....
The giants mind was forming a question...WHY DID YOU???? The fire in the giant was raging now..HOW COULD YOU?? THE flames of anger and hatred grew hotter than the sun...HOW DARE YOU!!...The giant shouted in his mind. 
The adult was beginning to shudder, the adult was sweating......OH MY GOD!!!...WHAT HAVE I DONE? 
The giant kept staring at the adult, his mind seething with anger and hatred..... and then a resolve, a terrible resolve........retribution.... ...... 
"Beware the law of unintended consequences." 

Now read Murt's "Caretaker Letter" to the person he believes took Trenton Duckett
To Trenton’s caretaker
    Hello my friend:
    I now know why Melinda trusted you to take care of Trenton.
    I know that you are monitering the discussion forums.
    You know time is running out.
    Listen to your soul mate. Things are going to work out.
    It is time to return Trenton to his family.
    Take Trenton to the larger hospital or take Trenton to the fire station on the main road near your place.
    Do it now.
    Do it while you still can.
    If you need help, contact me. You know how.

I bolded parts of his "Angry Giant" story because those things stood out the most to me. It dawned on me that the story is actually about Trenton Duckett and the person that has him. 
  • The game he is watching on TV is a name that is familiar to the little boy. The name has the letters, T, D, K and N. ( Trenton Duckett's name has those letters)
  • The lady the boy remembers has a painted arm ( Trenton's mother, Melinda Duckett had a tattoo on her arm)
  • The blond lady on TV asking questions and getting angry (Nancy Grace was yelling at Melinda Duckett on TV)
  • Lady with painted arm use to call the little boy the name that started with T (Trenton's name starts with T)
  • Picture of the little boy on a sign in the store (Trenton's picture was hung up in many local stores)
  • Silver car with big door in back (Melinda's car was silver and was a hatchback)
  • Party in park with lots of people. (Trenton's last birthday party was in a park with lots of friends and family)
The list goes on and on. As you can see, this story is about Trenton Duckett and what he sees and feels being with the person who has him. How would Murt know what Trenton sees or feels? Who writes these things about children they supposedly don't know? Then on top of that, Murt writes a letter to the person who has Trenton! In his letter he says he knows who he is. He knows where he has Trenton because he is telling him where to bring Trenton saying to bring him to the fire station on the main road. He even goes so far as to say he knows why Melinda trusted this person with Trenton. Clearly suggesting that this person Murt knows, was given Trenton by Melinda Duckett. Then there is this picture in Murt's photobucket account...

Click on the picture to make it larger. Then ask yourself this question, Why is there a baby bottle in the dog's pen? Murt has no children, no grandchildren and his neighbors at that time were older people and lived a distance away. (Murt always said this in his chats)

After reading his "Angry Giant" story and then his "Caretaker Letter" and seeing this picture, there is something not right there. I'm not sure what but there is something. Maybe he just dreams of abducting Trenton. I do think he fantasizes of abducting a child and we already know he admittedly said he wanted to have sex with Caylee Anthony and likes to go to malls trolling for children. I honestly think he is someone who should be watched by LE.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

NASA Anyone??

Oh Look what was just sent to us.

We can answer this question for you Murt as to where these claims came from. We posted this the other day....

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

I bet now you really can't believe you said that. Looks like OhioLinda was right all along. Why are we not shocked by yet another lie from you?


We've been receiving all kinds of emails with lots of info. Audio's, Video's, Screenshots and more. There's a lot to go through but trust me we will be airing all of Murt's lies from his own mouth. Some of them will have you laughing uncontrollably while others will make you mad. Just hang tight folks as we sift through all of these emails and authenticate each and every one of them. Remember, what is posted on this blog is TRUTH using Murt's own words. As Murt likes to say,

Stay Tuned

PS Sorry Murt, your idle threat of emailing Blogger to find out who owns this blog, does not scare us. Just because someone is suing you, doesn't mean you have a legal right to know who owns this blog as we are not suing you. The ONLY way you can get our IP's is through a court order. Let me make this easy for you, hire an attorney, prove to them that this blog slanders or defames you in any way and then sue us. Then petition the court to get our IP addresses from Google. Also remember that everything you claim on here as being a lie, will have to be proven by you in court. This should prove to be interesting considering each blog we have written, uses your own words to prove the lies you have told including those about others. Also, those PM's will come in to play. So go on and sue us. We look forward to seeing you explain those in court along with your false claims of the FBI having you fake a suicide, the false claims you have made regarding losing 70 thousand dollars by hackers and the FBI filing charges of 30 counts of wiretapping, the false claims of losing your house due to others and so much more. All your lies will have to be proven in court. Make our day or as you would say, "Up to the challenge"?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Murt creates his own drama

Murt tweeted this to someone today

Does anyone see anywhere on this blog where we said this person is part of this blog?  What we said was, 
 No Murt we are none of the people you claim we are. Maybe we are those you call friends right now. Or maybe we are the owl you hit with your truck or the cat you claimed was poisoned by a mysterious woman. You will never know who we are Murt. We could be the person you are tweeting to or emailing right now.
which can be found Here

Murt is once again trying to cause drama. This time to this poor woman who just wants him to leave her alone. This by the way is the same woman he has lied about claiming she killed his cat. As you can see from this next series of tweets from her to him, he has admitted to her that he knew she didn't kill his cat. Read from bottom to top.

So why is Murt now blogging again about this woman killing his cat if he knows that's a lie? Well it's typical Murt. He will say and do anything if he can get attention and drama from it. If this woman would like, she can forward her SS of those tweets and we will post them here so that the truth gets shown once and for all that she did not kill his cat and that he knows this and is lying again today about it.

As for his cat, he has told a few stories regarding the supposed death for this cat. First he claimed the cat was found laying next to a bowl of antifreeze


Then 5 hours later on the same day he changed the story to the cat died from rat poisoning 

He changed his antifreeze story only after his chatters questioned it being from the junk vehicles he had laying all over his property. He also claimed the vets were testing the cat and notifying the ASPCA.

Being as Murt likes to make false claims and knows people do not believe a word he says, you would think he would of posted the vet report. Many have asked over the years yet to this day he has not done so. Kinda like the FBI reports of those multiple counts of wire fraud and hacking that he has claimed. 

Thanks to the anonymous contributor for sending us the SS's of the cat conversations.  


According to a SS posted on Radionewz blog, on April 10, 2009, it appears Murt had another story regarding the supposed death of his cat. here is a snipped portion of it...

 So the question is, why does Murt continue to blame this woman for killing his cat? Why does he continue to lie to his few followers? Why do none of them question his motives for lying? 

The original SS of the complete blog can be seen Here on Radionewz blog
Thanks to RadioNewz for this SS 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Twelve Faces of MurtHavenFlorida™ according to Murt

Murt has claimed that the owners of this blog are a few people. He has said we are Princess, Michelle, Lisa, and some child he had in his R Rated chat room named UKmod. Now we are some pedophile from a crime forum. What's interesting to note is that over the years, Murt has claimed that everyone he doesn't like is a pedophile.

We hate to break it to you Murt but none of us are pedophiles. While we know you love pedo's and have admitted before to being friends with convicted sex offenders  (see our blog HERE for info on Murt's sex offender friend he was sending to homes of women he hates) we are not sex offenders nor do we befriend them like you admittedly do.

As we have stated before, we are a group of people who are tired of your lies and scams. We have watched you harm the families of missing and or murdered children by injecting yourself into the cases. Everything we have posted on this blog are all your own words thrown right back in your face. The many lies you have told over the years and the proof showing they are lies.

No Murt we are none of the people you claim we are. Maybe we are those you call friends right now. Or maybe we are the owl you hit with your truck or the cat you claimed was poisoned by a mysterious woman. You will never know who we are Murt. We could be the person you are tweeting to or emailing right now.

Murt needs staff like he had during his days at NASA

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Oh but we believe it Murt because lying is what you do best.  It must be where you got your pilot license.......

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Saturday, March 2, 2013

What's that you say Murt?

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Orly? This is just part of the scamming Murt has done over the years. He has told many lies about himself claiming to be an officer of the court, and even trying to scam women on a Romance Scam Yahoo Group. Read our previous blog here...

One of the secrets I will reveal here to some extent, is that I am a civilian contractor for a few government agencies dealing with cyber issues. Legal restraints prohibit me from being more specific. My internal workings with these agencys have pointed out their limitations. - Murt aka Murtwitnessone aka M2kfl

Donations? What donations? I didn't want donations.

That's not what he says here in his Paltalk chat...........

I thought he didn't ask for donations? By the way, his Paltalk chat came after his Ustream chat was closed. Many didn't follow him to Paltalk because it was a scam! We will get into that in another blog sometime later on. 

Oh look what I found

 Look at the top of the chat. where it says..
 DON'T SEND MONEY YET. hold on the paypal

If Murt didn't know about a paypal account, how come it is placed at the top of his chat in the topic area? Thought you didn't know about it Murt? LIAR!!

Here's an audio of Murt discussing his donations on his Ustream chat. 

"Your donations have not been put in YET"


Murt you forgot to mention the tire, the windshield, the wedding gifts for you and Sherrie. You know the wedding that never took place after you received the gifts. 

As for who we are, again you are wrong. Yesterday you said we were Michelle, Prior to that we were Prin. Now today we are a kid named UKmod. We knew if we said we were from the UK you would jump right on the UKmod band wagon. You never fail us Murt. You fall for it every time. Speaking of UKmod, why not tell your few followers how you had this CHILD as a moderator in your rated R Paltalk chat. UKmod was under 16 years of age back then and it was Paltalk who told you to remove him from your room because he was under age. It was bad enough when you had Lois' grand daughter on cam in your rated R room but when people found out you also had a child as a moderator, they left in droves. Why did you feel the need to seek out children for your chats? 

By the way, today our IP shows us from Switzerland tomorrow maybe we'll be from Orlando Florida, Canada, or possibly from Arizona.

Here's a clue for you Murt. We are a group of people you use to know back during the Trenton Duckett case. We were members of a few different forums one specifically even set up a special topic for you because you wanted to create a banner for Trenton. You remember that Murt? Remember "The Friends of Trenton"? You screwed us back then and we refuse to sit back and let you screw other people today. Every lie you tell we will call you out on.